The Epitaph Museum

When visiting Tombstone, the site where its newspaper is published is a must-see

Epitaph printig press

Located on Fifth Street between Allen and Fremont streets, The Tombstone Epitaph museum offers visitors compelling insights into the world of Journalism  and printing on the Old West frontier.

Open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, your FREE visit begins with a video display showing how the West’s most famous newspaper was produced in the early 1880s – including the Washington hand press used by John P. Clum’s printers more than 125 years ago. In the "back shop"

Tombstone Epitaph Building

of the historic Epitaph building (once a meeting hall for Tombstone’s 100 most influential citizens), period furnishings, platen printing presses, composing stones, type cases, Intertype line- casting machines and interpretive displays chronicle the Epitaph’s “hot metal” days --- a must for anyone who has been associated with the “Black Art.”


Front window of the Tombstone Epitaph biulding in Tombstone, Arizona

Returning to the front office, peruse books on Old West history, gift items, and keepsakes.

And don’t miss “THE BEST DEAL IN TOMBSTONE” – Subscribe to the Epitaph’s
National Edition, the historical monthly journal of the Old West, and receive an historical edition for FREE!

All visitors from the O. K. Corral also receive a FREE copy of the Epitaph's 1881 coverage of the shootout at the O. K. Corral and its legal aftermath!


For more information, call (520) 457-2211 or email